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Buddha’s teachings are not relics of the past, but a compass for our future: VP

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Buddha’s teachings are not relics of the past, but a compass for our future: VP


The Vice-President of India, Shri JagdeepDhankhar, on Wednesday, said that Buddha’s teachings are not relics of the past, but a compass for our future emphasising that Gautama Buddha’s message of peace, harmony, and coexistence stands stark against forces of hate and terror that threaten our world.

Addressing the gathering at the 12th General Assembly of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace (ABCP) in New Delhi today, VP remarked that in an age of ethical uncertainty, Buddha’s teachings offer a path of sustainability, simplicity, moderation, and reverence for all life.His Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path guide us towards inner peace, compassion, and non-violence – a transformative roadmap for individuals and nations facing today’s conflicts, he added.

Shri Dhankhar emphasized the profound influence of Buddha’s teachings on India’s approach to service-driven governance. He underscored how these principles serve as a guiding force in the nation’s commitment to prioritizing citizen welfare, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability.

Reflecting on the Buddha’s timeless wisdom, VP stated that this offers a powerful, harmonious, wholesome, seamless path to peace not only for human beings but also for living beings. Highlighting the relevance of Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path in fostering inner peace and non-violence, Shri Dhankhar highlighted their capacity to guide individuals and nations towards inner peace, compassion, and non-violence.

In his address, the Vice President also underscored the universal relevance of Buddha’s principles in addressing contemporary challenges such as climate change, conflict, terrorism, and poverty. He called for a collaborative, collective approach to overcome these existential threats, highlighting Bhagwan Buddha’s teachings as a beacon of hope.

Referring to the theme of 12th General Assembly – “ABCP – The Buddhist Voice of Global South”, Shri Dhankhar stated that the theme coincides with India’s growing leadership role, amplifying the voices of the Global South. “As evidenced by its G20 presidency, India is committed to representing the concerns of nations with three-quarters of the world’s population, he added.

Describing Bharat as a nation guided by the principles of Bhagwan Buddha, Shri Dhankhar echoed PM Modi’s statement where he said “we are proud to belong to a nation that has given the world ‘Buddha’ and not ‘Yuddha’ (war).”

Highlighting India’s commitment to ensuring that the younger generations across the world learn more about Lord Buddha, Shri Dhankharmentioned India’s proactive role in development of the Buddhist circuit and India International Centre for Buddhist Culture, boosting connectivity for international travellers to access sites of Buddhist heritage.

Shri KirenRijiju, Union Minister, Government of India, Most Ven. D ChoijamtsDemberel, President, ABCP, Dr. KhySovanratana, Secretary of State (Deputy Minister), Royal Government of Cambodia, and delegates from various countries attended the event.


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