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CUET-UG Exam: Parents Unhappy With Conduct

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CUET-UG Exam: Parents Unhappy With Conduct


One of the most sought-after exams had already faced criticism from many colleges when it was announced in 2021 under the National Education Policy 2020. However, the first CUET-UG exam held in 2022 was not as bad as anticipated by those who protested against it. This year, from the parents’ perspective, has turned out differently.

Out of the total 14.9 lakh student registrations, around 8.10 lakh students took part in the first phase, while approximately 6.80 lakh candidates participated in the second phase.

Most of the parents are not happy with the way CUET is being conducted, according to Neeru Burman, the mother of CUET exam participant. She stated, “The very first exam of CUET, covering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, was scheduled for Monday but was delayed for around two hours.”

According to Ms. Berman, the exam was supposed to begin promptly at 3:00 pm, but there was a server issue at the center, which caused the exam to start at 5:00 pm.

The center, located in Shakti Nagar, had a narrow entry lane, which made it challenging to enter while the first batch of students was exiting after completing their exams, she added.
“We prefer paper-pencil and OMR sheet exams over this digital format,” said Berman, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Other parents arrived late at the center due to confusion caused by multiple centre has same name.

The centre was near in Sikri villages has a railway crossing that causes delays for many students to reach on time. Some students arrived at the center just five minutes before the exam started.


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