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Aadhar: Navigating Challenges In Entrance Exam Form Submission, Alternative Options

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Aadhar: Navigating Challenges In Entrance Exam Form Submission, Alternative Options


Aadhar or UID (unique identification number) has become an important document to be submitted with all other documents, be it for banking, filing income tax, obtaining a GST number, school admissions, entrance exams, and more. This unique identification number has been issued to each and every citizen of the country to resolve all problems with one card.

During the initial days, it took time to adjust, as new things often do, but this 12-digit unique identity number has settled in easily with 137.9 crore (1.379 billion) holders as of January 2023, as per th authority. However, as it is said, new things have their own pros and cons, so does the UID.

Even though it was announced in 2016, many people are still not aware of its uniqueness. “I was not aware of the fact that during CUET (Common University Entrance Test) form filling, we need an OTP that is linked to the Aadhar card. And the student’s phone number needs to be updated, as we did not face this problem while applying for the JEE exam,” said Archana Sagar, a resident of North Delhi and the mother of Kritika Sagar, a student.

According to sources who wished to remain anonymous, the CBSE center is crowded with parents trying to resolve this problem, at least to fill in the form for attending entrance exams to secure admission in undergraduate colleges.

The last date for submitting the CUET form is 26 March, and updating the phone number or changing the name on the Aadhar card takes a minimum of 15 days. “It has become a mammoth task for me to get the name changed on it. It’s been four months, and I have spent at least Rs 2000 (multiple centers) to get it changed,” added the mother of Kritika Sagar.

While Aadhar OTP authentication is a common method for form submissions, there might be alternative options available, but they may not always be clearly communicated to the public. Just as there are alternative methods for filing income tax without linking your phone number with Aadhar, such as using internet banking, it’s possible that similar alternatives exist for entrance exam forms.

However, these alternatives may not be widely known or advertised, leading to confusion among applicants. It’s advisable to carefully read through the instructions provided with the form or to reach out to the organizing body of the entrance exam to inquire about alternative submission methods if Aadhar OTP authentication poses an issue.

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