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Prof. K. K. Agarwal becomes new President of South Asian University

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Prof. K. K. Agarwal becomes new President of South Asian University


The announcement of Prof. K. K. Agarwal’s appointment as the new President of South Asian University marks a significant development in the realm of higher education in the South Asian region. The founder Vice Chancellor of IP University and Chairman of the National Board of Accreditation, Prof. Agarwal, brings with him a wealth of experience and a vision to elevate the university’s standing globally.

The decision to appoint Prof. Agarwal as the President was made during the 11th governing body meeting of the University held in Kathmandu. This move is indicative of the collaborative nature of South Asian University, where representatives from various SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries come together to contribute to the institution’s growth and development.

Expressing his thoughts on assuming the role, Prof. Agarwal articulated his commitment to placing the South Asian University prominently on the global map in terms of both academic excellence and infrastructure. This statement underscores his determination to enhance the university’s reputation, making it a hub for quality education and cutting-edge facilities.

The significance of this appointment lies not only in Prof. Agarwal’s individual accomplishments but also in the potential for positive change and growth that he brings to South Asian University. His leadership is poised to steer the institution towards greater heights, fostering academic excellence and creating an environment conducive to innovation and learning.

It’s worth noting that the South Asian University operates with the support and collaboration of SAARC countries. This cooperative approach, involving nations from the South Asian region, adds a unique dimension to the university’s character, promoting cultural diversity and fostering international cooperation in the field of education.

As Prof. Agarwal assumes his role as President, the South Asian University is likely to witness a period of transformation and progress under his capable leadership. His vision to enhance both academics and infrastructure aligns with the broader goals of the institution, positioning it as a prominent center of learning within the South Asian region and beyond. The next five years will undoubtedly be crucial in determining the trajectory of South Asian University’s growth and influence under Prof. Agarwal’s guidance.


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