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UGC’s New Regulations Open Doors For Global Education in India

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UGC’s New Regulations Open Doors For Global Education in India


In a significant development for India’s higher education landscape, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has released a groundbreaking notification outlining regulations for the establishment of campuses by foreign higher education institutions. Among the early enthusiasts of this transformative step are Acharya Bangalore Business School (ABBS) and DegreeLabs Limited, both expressing optimism about the positive impact on the education sector in the country.

DegreeLabs CEO Enthusiastic About Global Learning Opportunities

Shrenik Parmar, Founder and CEO of DegreeLabs Limited, sees the UGC’s move as the dawn of a new era for Indian students. He believes that this policy shift will not only grant students direct access to world-class education within India but also elevate the nation’s standing as a global education hub. Mr. Parmar expressed his excitement about the opportunities this creates for both students and educators. DegreeLabs, with its dedicated platform, aims to support and empower learners and institutions in navigating the global educational landscape.

ABBS Executive Director Embraces Healthy Competition and Cross-Learning

Ajitesh Basani, Executive Director-Administration at ABBS, views the UGC’s regulations as a strategic step towards making India a recognized hub for quality education. Highlighting the importance of healthy competition, Mr. Basani sees the presence of foreign institutions as an opportunity for cross-learning. With a realistic perspective on the scale of India’s higher education system, he emphasizes that even with 500 foreign institutions, it would account for less than 1% of the total educational landscape. Mr. Basani believes that bringing foreign institutions into India aligns with the grander vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Embracing Change and Innovation

While acknowledging the conditions set by the UGC, Mr. Basani raises a pertinent question: How many foreign institutions will actually set up campuses in India? Until then, he urges the higher education sector to embrace diverse changes that promise innovation and growth. The move towards hosting foreign higher education institutions is seen as a step forward in realizing the objectives outlined in the NEP 2020.

As India opens its doors to global educational collaboration, the future of higher education in the country seems poised for a transformative journey, with institutions like ABBS and DegreeLabs at the forefront of embracing these changes.


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