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Navratri Recipes: Delightful Dishes for your fast and feast

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Navratri Recipes: Delightful Dishes for your fast and feast


Navratri, a vibrant Hindu festival, spans nine nights of devotion and celebration. During this period, many people observe fasts and abstain from certain foods. However, fasting doesn’t mean compromising on flavor and taste. Navratri cuisine offers a delightful array of dishes that are not only suitable for fasting but also a feast for the senses.

 1. Sabudana Khichdi

This is a popular fasting dish made from tapioca pearls. It’s easy to prepare and wonderfully flavorful. Tapioca pearls are soaked, then sautéed with cumin seeds, potatoes, peanuts, and green chilies.

 2. Kuttu Ki Roti

Kuttu (buckwheat) flour is the star of this dish. It’s mixed with boiled potatoes and spices to create a soft, pliable dough. These rotis are then cooked on a griddle and served with a variety of chutneys or yogurt.

3. Aloo Tamatar Sabzi

Aloo tamatar sabzi is a classic fasting dish. Boiled potatoes are simmered in a tangy tomato gravy with spices like cumin, ginger, and green chilies. It pairs wonderfully with kuttu or singhara puris.

 4. Makhana Kheer

For those with a sweet tooth, this kheer (rice pudding) is made from makhana (fox nuts) and milk. It’s flavored with cardamom and garnished with dry fruits.

5. Fruit Chaat

Fasting doesn’t mean skimping on nutrition. A fruit chaat made from a variety of fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges, with a sprinkle of rock salt and black pepper, is a refreshing and healthy snack option.

 6. Mango Lassi

If you’re craving something cool and creamy, a mango lassi is the perfect choice. Blend yogurt, ripe mangoes, a touch of sugar, and a hint of cardamom to create a delicious and refreshing beverage.

7. Falhari Chutneys

These chutneys are an essential accompaniment to fasting meals. Mint and coriander chutneys, sweet tamarind chutney, or a simple yogurt-based raita can enhance the taste of your dishes.

8. Sesame Ladoos

Sesame seeds are often used in fasting recipes. Make ladoos by roasting sesame seeds and binding them with jaggery or sugar. They provide a sweet and nutty indulgence.

Navratri is a time for devotion, celebration, and delicious food. Whether you’re observing a fast or indulging in a grand feast, these Navratri recipes will add flavor and joy to your festivities. So, this Navratri, embrace the traditions and savor the delectable dishes that make the festival even more special.


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