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40 Hour Mediation Training Programme Organized by ADR Cell of GGSIPU

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40 Hour Mediation Training Programme Organized by ADR Cell of GGSIPU


The 40 Hour Mediation Training Programme, conducted by the USLLS ADR Cell in collaboration with ADR-HOC, proved to be an enriching journey into the realm of alternative dispute resolution. Spanning 17 sessions, delivered by 14 distinguished speakers representing eminent law firms and organizations, the programme offered comprehensive insights and practical knowledge on mediation techniques and practices.

Commencing on April 13th, the programme provided participants with a structured curriculum designed to enhance their mediation skills and understanding. Each session delved into various aspects of mediation, covering topics such as communication strategies, negotiation tactics, ethical considerations, and the role of mediators in resolving disputes effectively.

Throughout the programme, participants were actively engaged in interactive sessions, case studies, and role-playing exercises, facilitating a dynamic learning environment conducive to skill development and knowledge acquisition.

The culmination of the programme on April 29th marked the successful completion of an intensive training regimen aimed at equipping participants with the tools and expertise necessary to excel in the field of mediation.

The collaborative effort between USLLS ADR Cell and ADR-HOC ensured the delivery of high-quality training, enriching the professional development of participants and fostering a culture of effective dispute resolution within the legal community.


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