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Teachers: The Pillars of Nation-Building, Says VP Jagdeep Dhankhar

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Teachers: The Pillars of Nation-Building, Says VP Jagdeep Dhankhar

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On Friday, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar emphasised the invaluable role of teachers in shaping the destiny of individuals and nations during an event celebrating the contribution of teachers, he passionately expressed his admiration and gratitude for the educators who have dedicated their lives to nurturing young minds.

Reflecting on his personal journey, the Vice President recalled his early education in a village school where English was not taught. However, it was at Sainik School that he encountered a teacher who transformed his life. Despite the language barrier, this teacher went above and beyond to guide him, introducing him to a world of knowledge through books and inspiring him to reach for the stars.

Highlighting the lifelong bond between teachers and students, the Vice President shared a heartwarming anecdote about reconnecting with his teacher from Sainik School, who had persistently tried to contact him. This reunion served as a reminder that a teacher’s impact endures long after the student leaves the classroom.

Underscoring the pivotal role of teachers in shaping human resources, the Vice President emphasized that the creation and development of individuals lies in the hands of these educators. While acknowledging the challenging task of mentoring and motivating students, he commended the current ecosystem that supports teachers through government policies and initiatives, providing opportunities for students to tap into their full potential.

Contrary to popular belief, the Vice President noted that the true measure of an educational institution lies not in its infrastructure but in the quality of its faculty. A great institution, he stressed, is defined by its committed and dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to impart knowledge, inspire innovation, and uplift their students.

Recognizing the global dominance of the Indian mind, the Vice President attributed this success to the tireless efforts of teachers. He urged society to accord teachers the respect they deserve, highlighting the crucial role they play in shaping the future of the country.

Drawing inspiration from notable educators like Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who were celebrated primarily for their roles as teachers, the Vice President called for society to repay teachers for their selfless dedication. Just as teachers mentor and guide students, the Vice President urged society to support and acknowledge the vital work of educators.

Expressing concern over Indian faculty in foreign institutions who disparage their own country, the Vice President stressed the importance of embracing national pride and preserving independence. He emphasized the need for academia to occupy a social space and use their influential voices to counteract anti-national forces.

The Vice President celebrated the remarkable achievements of India in recent years and attributed them to the concerted efforts of teachers and the enduring spirit of the nation. He reaffirmed his belief that India would emerge as a global leader by 2047, inspired by the interactions he had with world leaders who held India in high regard.

In conclusion, the Vice President expressed his gratitude to the teaching community and encouraged them to continue their noble mission of mentoring and guiding students to contribute to the nation’s growth and prosperity. The Vice President’s heartfelt address served as a reminder of the immeasurable impact of teachers and their pivotal role in nation-building.


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