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Five Strides To Thrive 10th Board Examination


Five Strides To Thrive 10th Board Examination


With the coming of board exams, days to explore the future prospects are also coming. So, is it just an exam? Well no it is an opportunity to grab what you want in your career path. So lace it up for the first milestone in your student life and come one step closer to your goals. A 3-hour exam with steamed-up mise en scène, believe it, it will be nerve-racking and students’ patience and commitment can overcome this hurdle. Before gearing up for the expressway of your preparation it is always better to know the essential strides for Grade 10 Board Exams Preparation.

  • Start with Low Hanging Fruits (Definitely – Probably – Might be Approach) First Page to Last Page- No, do not need it ! Instead you proceed with a blueprint of an assured marking scheme. How does it work? See out of all chapters, few catch your eye and same goes for the examiners. List out the chapters which will give you sure shot questions, like Carbon and its Compound– specially the chemical properties action or Soap Action Mechanism, Triangles– Proof of the BPT/Thales Theorem, Pythagoras theorem. Always organize your planning by doing chapters with the highest probability in the beginning of preparation to gain the confidence to proceed further.
  • POMODORO Technique : A Tool for Effective Time Management We have avidity but then how to bring a plan of action in reality? POMODORO Technique, Yes it works! Be productive by matching your speed with the running time. Select the chapter then just divide the arduous task into small chunks, for each chunk take half an hour to complete, followed by a break of 5-10 mins. Repeat it for at least twice and take a longer break of 25 -30 mins. Your brain starts adapting itself with the limited time you have to accomplish the task and gradually makes a student’s learning more productive with escalated time management skills.
  • Mnemonics : The Beauty of Self- Notes

Self written notes connect your hand with your mind and store the information as memory. It is the easiest source for quick revision for tough topics like Trigonometry, Genetics and Carbon & its Compounds. How can you forget the Information crafted in diagrams, flowcharts/shortcuts, and Mnemonics, which reduces the jitters and accelerates your preparation. For Example: Please Stop Calling Me A Careless Zebra, it represents Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Carbon and Zinc, in the order of the Chemistry reactivity series with ease.

  • The More Tougher, Sweeter The Reward

What you see on one side of the coin, changes on another. If you find World of Living (Science) and Algebra (Maths) units difficult then try to peep on the other side – it is scoring too. 20-25 marks are coming from these units respectively. How can we score well then? By pointing out the highly probable questions by taking help of previous year questions.

  • Blunder Notes: A gateway to Excellence

I make a mistake and I note it down- that’s what makes my BLUNDER NOTES. By pointing out a mistake with a resolution can bring a flashback for you while attempting the same question again in the exams, which leads to an error free solution.

But hold on a second who says learning without fun will parcel you good marks. So, having an intention to get laze out time for yourself is PERFECTLY FINE! It is actually essential to rejuvenate your mind by having a delightful time with family and friends. Keep your health in check because only a healthy mind is inclined towards accelerated preparation.

Therefore imbibe yourself in the ocean of learning and The Board Exam is an inauguration of this. All the Best for Board Examinations, Keep Learning !
Manika Gautam, Manager, Central Academics Team BYJU’S . She has total of 7 Years of Experience as NEET Faculty


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